Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing the revolution/Home Computer Invasion Documentaries in Trouble???

Original Link being gone, it makes me fear the worse.
I REALLY hope the reason isn't because of damn lawyers!

Here are two other sources for the Teasers on the most thrilling documentary series since The machine that Changed the World:

There's never been a computer documentary this well shot EVER, and nearly everyone I respect and admire in the industry took time to get interviewed. I really don't want this to be shelved.

Friday, June 24, 2011

(SAFE) US SMS Japanese Mod in action

Charles MacDonald provided a circuit for me to try

Good news is that it now works after a few treaks.
Just have to to a proper protoboard version now.

I'll be receiving two different FM Units soon, the original and the "Australian Reproduction"

Monday, June 6, 2011

The reluctant US SMS that didnt want to be japanese

EDIT2: A new solution (much more invovled ) was suggested by Charles MacDonald this will be interresting to try.

EDIT: Nice, I got my answers in that thread. I'll have to backtrack on when did this become a dangerous thing to try, FYIW I used 10k res to short pin 34.

This MOD does not work on my SMS:

I tried everything, including burning a Japanese BIOS which works great here:

While its cute and all (especially with my RGB mod to a Commodore 1084), I still don't get the mark III boot on my Wonderboy 1/2/3 carts when I ground pin 34 on 315-5216.

Another user is getting the exact same prob with this motherboard rev.

Any takes?