Thursday, September 1, 2011

Analog TV Death toll

Its Analog TV Death Day in Canada and to celebrate here are a few personal observations.

While I sadly don't have access to any sort of statistics, just going to work each day using my bicycle I got to see lots and LOTS of Analog TVs on the curb. NO thanks to the imps at BestShop for turning customers away from the standalone ATSC->composite converters and towards new LCDs instead. "You know your TV will be dead soon" ... My dad couldn't give a rats ass about HD, while of course I do to an extent.

I bet you a hundred bux my Dad's 1988 Sony Triniton will outlast any new Chinese LCDs. Just please don't listen to the imps cause this is what happens when you do:

Ecocentre des Carrières, Montreal

As a Video Game Console turned Arcade PCB collector, I have to say that right now I'm on the lookout for good analog monitors with RGB inputs being thrown away, these really REALLY can't be replaced. You just have to be able to experience a game on the support it was built for and classic arcade PCB's output pure Analog RGB with 15KHz sync. While I have a trusty Commodore 1084 to support this format It ain't immortal so I need backups!

So the other day, going to work this scene really torn my heart apart:

Poor 1702's! They don't even have a TV TUNER! ... no RGB either, but they of course support SVideo (if you split its luma/chroma signals to separate RCA cables), and Composite. Great for any classic console. A Copper Joke ain't worth that much you scavengers!

Collectors, please stash up at least a spare analog monitor and keep it in a cool dry place, cause prices someday might make you regret you didnt.