Monday, April 19, 2010

BLIP 2009 Presentation now online!


Here is the presentation I made at the 2009 edition of BLIP Festival, in Brooklyn New York last December. I've tried to squeeze as much info as possible in there, so it might be a challenge to follow especially considering I didnt have a microphone, so the camera just picked lots of ambiant noise (most of which has been DSP'ed out fwiw)

Thanks a lot for Max Deland for the video editing, and of for his fabulous Prezi presentation work.





We also have a yet to edit [XC3N] presetation of chipsounds been put at test in the Renoise Tracker. We will add it to the playlist when its edited and cleaned.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Next Bidule version has something special....

You will be able to reproduce pretty much any type of LFSR based noises and tones. From simple Atari TIA tones to the more complex Noise waveform of the SID, as documented by Marko Makela and Asger Alstrup, in an interactive way.