Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VIC-20 MIDI Interface and Synth Cartridge Prototype

The VIC-20 was my first computer. You can imagine how close and personal I am with the thing. I do feel that its been unjustly historically overshadowed by the computer that followed it, especially in the audio/music scene.

Viznut and PwP's Robotic Liberation was a real blast and it probably revitalized the scene a bit.

But what we need is a musician friendly way to tackle the beast!
Three years or so ago I requested the help of François Leveillé (aka eslapion) on the Denial forum, a VERY nice electronics guru to help me construct a VIC MIDI Interface like the one HERE . So that I could concentrate on making the 6502 assembly code to read the input MIDI then drive the VIC-I chip. I got the prototype from eslapion, had the core MIDI read code done, but got side tracked by the VIC-I emu in chipsounds and figured I would pursue the project a bit later... that was two years ago.

Early this year Leif Bloomquist wanted to do a similar project, so I just lend him Francois's proto and my preliminary MIDI reading code and hes done VERY WELL with it See and hear it HERE

This is really a prototype, but I believe it is going to transform itself into something that any 8bit musician will not want to miss!

Congrats to Leif for pulling it off! I want serial #00001 ok?

Friday, September 25, 2009

New screenshots on official site

Its getting VERY VERY close to shipping now.
I just build release candidate 1 with the first bunch of presets.

New screen shots and a new "preset-show-off" excuse for a track from myself on

the official chipsounds page

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kudos to my testers


We are quite lucky to have some of you testing this thing.
You know who you are and you will be credited :)

Thanks again!

Friday, September 11, 2009

chipsounds on TV

Just prepping to relax and to watch a tv show whose music (by Éric Patenaude of Plogue), contains quite a few blips from your favorite in-dev synth :)

Listen to the intro and spot the blips!


Et Félicitations encore à toi Éric!