Saturday, February 28, 2009

Small update

Sync Buzzer is DONE! ...
Good thing is that new oscillator code opens the door to tons of other cool new sounds... but you will just have to wait until the demos are out!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

More AY-3-8910 and YM2149F hacking

One of the last oscillator code bits I need to do is to replicate the Envelope buzzer (and Sync Buzzer) techniques used on those chips.

So again, like with all facets of this project, i just HAD to get my hands dirty!
I used a bread board to experiment (left), and then made a protoboard(right) that proves a bit less flaky than the original. (and well i needed my breadboards for some other stuff)

All my boards now follow a simple setup where I can talk to any 8 bit chips using a serial line (74hc595) and a few chip select lines. I can use either the an Atmel/Arduino/MIDIBoxCore as an interface between the 8bit chip and the PC running Bidule.

It goes without saying that also made a special MIDI encoding for every chip I have on external boards, so that microcontroller code modifications to drive each new chip was minimal (there are limits to my masochistic tendencies)

In short: I can - direct in Bidule- just "type in" the register changes that i need for the chip and then feed the audio back in bidule for analysis and recording... many GB worth of that in fact.

I can also, directly in C++, code MIDI to "Chip register language" transforms to actually get some live musical results out of them.

More boards and pictures soon... Maybe my 1U RACK'ed NES is next :)